How to Find the RTP of a Slot Game


Online casino operators use the term “slot’s return to player” (RTP) to describe how much of the bets placed on a game or machine that will ultimately be returned to players.

This article will show you how to determine the RTP for a Situs slot terbaik Indonesia game in online or land-based casino.

What is Return to Player (RTP), and how can it help you? 

It is calculated as a percentage from long-term games that have been premediated and analyzed. RTP is the opposite of the “house edge”, which refers to the mathematical advantage that the Casino has for any of its games. To determine which slot to play , players often look at the RTP of slots.

There are many games that offer different returns rates. For example, low-RTP slot machines can have small returns for a long time but could give huge payouts to lucky players. You can also find medium-RTP slots which offer a good return over a long period of time. The high-RTP slot offers a steady return over several spins.

In the context of slots machines, it is common to use the terms “return-to-player” and “payback percents”. The return to player (RTP), and payback percentage of a slot machine refer to how much money the machine pays over time. These are pragmatic games and the RTP of these machines is not revealed until after millions or even thousands of spins. This is due to a slots’ RNG which always produces unpredictable results in order to create fair gameplay.

Online Slot Machines: How to Find RTP 

Knowing the RTP percentage for your favorite high RTP slots in 2022 will help you decide when and how big to place your bets. Most jurisdictions require that casinos and other gaming establishments publicly disclose the RTP percentages of their video slots. Here are some methods to determine the RTP of an online slot machine.

You should look for individual games and their RTP 

It is easy to find the RTP for a particular game. It is easy to Google the name of the slot machine and the manufacturer. This is true whether you plan to visit online casinos or land-based slot machines . After the game’s name, add the RTP acronym.

Land-based slots machines RTPs are usually lower than those found in online casinos. The Nevada Gaming Control Board requires that casinos in Las Vegas have a minimum RTP of 75%. There are casinos that display RTP signs at specific locations, but only one casino can apply it. While customer service is available 24/7, they won’t usually be able provide a clear answer.

The Online Slot Machine has a Help Feature. 

Older online slots don’t display their RTP like land-based ones. Most of the newer online slots provide this information. You can verify the payback by going to the help screen for an online slot machine.

Take, for example:

  • You are currently playing Esqueleto Explosivo from Thunderkick.
  • Choose the help window.
  • As you scroll down, you’ll instantly notice that this game has a RTP of 96.0%.

Sometimes, you may be able to play games that have multiple pages. Scroll down to to see the repayment percentage.

It’s common for online slot developers to include the RTP in their help screens for the most recent titles. Thunderkick and Quickspin are just a few examples.

Learn More About Online Slots Makers 

This is something you might not have considered, but choosing a slot game from a trusted developer will make a significant impact on your gaming experience. Different providers may offer different quality slots games, much like the difference between Nike and Reebok shoes. You can check the home page of each slot maker to find out its RTP.

Because they offer huge payouts and high RTPs, some developers are well-known for creating popular slots. It is not a good idea to be forced into playing a slot machine made by a poor developer. The only acceptable payouts are in the bonus round. Instead, look for machines from reputable companies.

Ask Casinos through Their Email 

Another way is to email the casino to inquire about the RTP of a specific slot machine. Customer support claims that they do not have access to the data. Sometimes, however, this information can be obtained via email from a developer. This strategy is not recommended for all situations. If you are desperate to find out the RTP for a particular slot, it is worth emailing them.

The RTP of a Land-Based Slot Game 

Here are some things to consider if you want to find the RTP for a Land-Based Slot Game.

Take a look at The Gaming Reports 

One of the best ways to find RTP information about slot machines is to analyze reports from gaming officials. Instead of making generalizations about coin sizes, you can always search for state gaming reports. These records give a general overview about the payback rates that you could expect from different casinos. Even the most popular games might have payback percentages.

This 2017 data, which comes from the Nevada Gaming Control Board and Megabucks, shows the average state win across a range of coin denominations.

  • Megabucks = 87.93% Payback (12.07% House Take)
  • $100 Slots = 93.21% Payback (6.79% House Take)
  • $25 Slots = 95.03% Payback (4.97% House Take)
  • $5 Slots = 94.16% Payback (5.82% House Take)
  • Dollar Slots = 93.94% Payback (6.06% House Take)
  • Quarter Slots = 93.06% Payback (6.94% House Take)
  • Nickel Slots = 94.54% Payback (5.46% House Take)
  • Penny slots = 90.17% return (9.83% housetake)

These reports won’t give you the exact RPT for every match, but they will give you an idea of what to expect.

Consider the RTP Coin Denominations 

Slot machines that accept larger coin denominations generally pay more. This is not always evident in statistics. This is evident in the 2017 Nevada report. All slot machines, $100 up to nickel, are fairly distributed. Remember that the 25-cent slot machines have the highest return on investment (95.03%). Because of the smaller sample size, the lower payout rate on the $100 slots is possible. Few gamblers have the money to bet $100 per spin. This means that the statistics for $100 slots machines are more unpredictable than other denominations.

Compare the overall payback percentage for casinos 

Slot machines are not likely to bring you much luck. However, the average payback at casinos can be to create a composite. This is possible with the help of state gaming reports. This is an example of the Ohio casino’s typical slot RTP in 2017.

  • Hollywood Mahoning Valley = 90.09% Payback (9.91% House Take)
  • Scioto Downs = 90.96% Payback (9.04% House Take)
  • Hollywood Toledo = 90.95% Payback (8.95% House Take)
  • Hollywood Toledo = 90.95% Payback (8.95% House Take)
  • JACK Cleveland = 92.34% Payback (7.66% House Take)

These numbers show what you can expect about the number of slots at these casinos. You can still have better odds by choosing casinos that offer higher return rates.

Look out for Slot Machine Volatility 

For better odds, it is important to understand the payback percentages for slot machines. It would be helpful to know how volatility affects your returns.

When playing slots machines, volatility (or slot variance) refers to how your short-term returns might change. You might not win big immediately despite a high RTP in a slot game. The results from high volatility slot machines are more unpredictable than those from lower-volatility games. RTP slots pragmatic are an example. If you are trying to save money, avoid games that have high levels of volatility. Mid-volatility slots are a good option if you’re looking for the right risk-to-reward ratio.

Online slot developers often rate the volatility of their machines. Pragmatic play uses between one and five lightning bolts in order to differentiate volatility. This information is not available on a majority of online lotteries. To get an idea of the volatility of a game, look at its pay table and the jackpot size. Volatile slots offer both small payouts and huge jackpots. You should look for an alternative to make your bankroll last more.

What is the effect of progressive jackpots on payback? 

It is difficult to accurately determine the impact of progressive jackpots on RTP. Because slot machine games do not reveal the exact odds of any payout, this is why it is difficult to determine the exact impact of progressive jackpots on RTP. The payback percentages can be calculated based on specific combinations.

However, it is possible to make sensible judgments based on the current jackpot value and the starting point. Mega Fortune may be assumed to have risen significantly in RTP if it starts with a seed of $500,000 and ends up with $5 million.

There are very few chances that you will win the progressive reward. These games have low payback rates so you’ll need to be aware of them.

If you are not comfortable with the 88-90% payback, it is a good idea to choose popular online slots that don’t have progressive jackpots. These games have a higher chance of returning winnings consistently. If you are a risk-taker who dreams of huge payouts, progressive slots machines with larger jackpots are for you. You should wait for the jackpot to increase so you can potentially increase your expected winnings.