Is Live Casino Gaming Rigged or Fair? Separating Fact from Fiction


The popularity of Wolf777 casino gaming has grown tremendously over the years as more and more players are drawn to the excitement and honesty of playing casino games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat against real dealers. However, some skeptics still question whether these live dealer games are truly random and fair or if the software could somehow be rigged against players. In this article, we’ll separate fact from fiction and address some of the most common concerns around the fairness of live casino games.

Random Number Generators Ensure Fairness

One of the top concerns players have is whether the random number generators (RNGs) powering live games could potentially be manipulated behind the scenes. However, live casino providers invest heavily in independently audited RNG technology to guarantee complete randomness and remove any possibility of manipulation. Most reputable providers undergo rigorous testing and auditing by independent authorities like eCOGRA to certify the games are truly random. The random numbers are generated in real-time as the game is played rather than being predetermined, so there is no way for the software or dealer to influence outcomes.

Dealers Have No Control Over Outcomes

Another myth is that live dealers have some ability to affect game outcomes through subtle signaling or dealer discretion. However, in live games, the dealer is simply following a predetermined procedure and has no control or insight into the game software or random number generation. Live dealers are highly trained professionals focused solely on delivering an authentic gameplay experience for players through smooth game flows – they have no way to influence results. Advanced encryption also ensures game data cannot be altered during transmission between the player’s device and the real-time studio.

Gameplay Mirrors Physical Casinos

The live casino experience closely mimics what a player would find in a physical brick-and-mortar casino. Games follow established rules defined by regulatory bodies and incorporate security measures like surveillance cameras to ensure integrity and prevent cheating. Just like in land-based casinos, variants like rapid play, auto-play, and customer support help protect players from technical issues or slow internet that could disadvantage them. Reputable providers also have strict responsible gambling policies and self-exclusion options.

Independent Auditing Certifies Fairness

In addition to rigorous pre-launch testing of game software and random number generation, live casino providers voluntarily submit to ongoing audits by authorities like eCOGRA to certify ongoing fairness standards are met. These independent third parties thoroughly analyze game code, validation procedures, security measures, and more to validate the games remain truly random and fair for players at all times. Any discrepancy or evidence of manipulation would result in immediate regulatory intervention.

Proven Fair Through Statistical Analysis

Another way providers and authorities ensure fairness is by comprehensively analyzing gameplay statistics over time. If game outcomes exhibited statistically significant deviations from expected probabilities, it could indicate potential issues requiring investigation. However, long-term data analyses by eCOGRA and other testing labs consistently prove live casino games adhere closely to theoretical return-to-player percentages and no anomalies have been detected that could point to manipulation.

FAQs about Live Casino Game Fairness

Q1. Are live dealer games provably fair like crypto casino games?

A1. While live casino games don’t offer “provable fairness” functionality like crypto casinos, the extensive auditing, certification processes, and statistical analysis conducted on live games provide robust evidence that outcomes are truly random and fair to players just like provable fairness protocols do.

Q2. Can a live dealer influence the result through subtle gestures or signals?

A2: No, live dealers have no insight into game software or outcomes. They are trained to follow strict procedures without discretion to influence gameplay or results in any way.

Q3. Is it possible for the software provider to manipulate outcomes behind the scenes?

A3: Reputable providers undergo rigorous testing and use independently certified RNG technology which generates numbers in real-time, removing any possibility of pre-determined outcomes or manipulation. Ongoing auditing also ensures ongoing fairness.


When played at reputable and licensed live casino sites, there is overwhelming evidence that live dealer games offer truly random outcomes and a fair experience for players. Strict regulation, independent testing, and certification combined with statistical analyses have consistently proven outcomes that adhere closely to theoretical probabilities with no anomalies. Rather than imperfect human judgment as in land-based casino table games, digital random number generation removes human element and discretion, creating an even more transparently fair environment. Top live casino providers like wolf777 take proactive measures to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance and give players confidence in the integrity of every game.